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When work gets busy and you find your team under-resourced, support can never come quick enough.

At many healthcare facilities, pharmacies, insurance offices, and financial services companies, administrative teams are inadequately staffed for surges in workload or rely too heavily on other team members to process tasks that keep them from core responsibilities.

T2 Flex is your workforce solution for friendly and dependable remote administrative associates. Whether for surge support or long-term workforce augmentation, we operate with a flexibility first mantra – quickly onboard remote associates and keep them as long as you need. Our friendly domestic associates are easily integrated into your systems and processes with our purpose-built T2 Flex™ Platform, allowing them to connect with more customers per day, improve the customer experience and deliver more revenue – all from the comfort of their home.

When you need friendly, dependable support fast, we’re on call.

We’re T2 Flex. Support Realized.

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T2 Flex Innovates

Staffing Simplified

T2 Flex partners with healthcare, insurance, finance, and pharmaceutical companies that need ROI-focused workforce solutions. We are a market-leading provider of distributed workforce solutions. We assist in managing the training and day-to-day operational oversight of virtual customer service with knowledgeable, productive, and friendly onshore associates. All agents are onboarded, monitored, and trained through our technology platform and learning management system. 

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T2 Flex Supports

The Right Support, Right Now

When you need friendly, dependable support fast, we’re ready and waiting. Get the human resources you need quickly by harnessing the advances in distributed workforce technology. Here are three reasons to call us today:

  1. Associates spend less time commuting and more time driving revenue to your business. Based in America, each team member understands technology platforms and communications with our rigorous best practices training.
  2. Our team is as friendly as they are efficient. With an eye on productivity, we’ll give your organization solutions to innovate more quickly and decrease downtime.
  3. Easily integrated into your already established systems and applications, our team understands where you are, but offers a vision of where you can go.
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T2 Solves

Support Realized

From patient scheduling and prescription and order resolution for healthcare facilities, to insurances services like claims routing and policy enrollment, we have the support you need. See a full list of our services by clicking below.

Solutions Overview

We're Your Remote Workforce Solution

Elevate Confidence

We understand the problem you face and discover a solution that works for you and your bottom line.

Expert Training

Each T2 Flex professional is committed to your organization’s success by offering a human touch to processes, systems, and customer service. From insurance to healthcare, pharmacy to finance, we’ve hand-selected each team member to ensure they add value in every way possible.

Total Flexibility

Whether for a week, a season, or year-round, the T2 Flex workforce solution is flexible to your needs. We provide friendly, effective resources for every customer call. Hire surge support associates to augment your existing team with a contract that works for you in each of these four sectors:

Support at your Fingertips

Our team of associates are located in the US, trained in customer satisfaction, and ready to meet your needs.

T2 Flex is a Practice within T2 Group.

T2 Group delivers business solutions across all industries with practice areas offering solutions in technology consulting, project management, clinical lab testing, workforce augmentation, and more, in industries ranging from healthcare, finance, insurance, pharmacy, education, and government.

We champion a customer-first mentality.  We support these efforts by empowering our team to provide the best service for your business. We’re T2. Solutions Realized.