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End the long hold times and painfully cumbersome processes

Patients have high expectations when it comes to healthcare and scheduling an appointment is no exception. T2 Flex provides friendly, efficient medical scheduling services and delivers your hospital or physician office staff the support they need.

Our expert on-shore scheduling advisors are kept current with ongoing training through our learning management system to strengthen their healthcare knowledge, customer service skills, and integrate them into your existing systems and processes. Working together with our performance management technology and rigorous quality assurance programs, we strive to make every call a positive experience for your patients.

Count on us to keep your lines of communication open so that your operations can focus on what matters most – quality patient care.

Why T2 Flex?


For over 10 years, T2 Flex has been assisting leading healthcare organizations & hospitals across the nation to handle increased call volumes with a flexible, rapid deployment of patient access support.


Our team understands the need for urgency during this critical period. That’s why we can ramp up immediately to support your pressing needs.


Our wide network of on-shore (yes, right here in the US) agents are readily available, trained in patient satisfaction, and easily integrated into your existing systems and processes.


A HIPAA-compliant performance management platform that provides the needed oversight and productivity of a distributed remote workforce. We provide full visibility of the remote team and can provide real-time metrics and insights into the quality of patient interactions.

Support Realized

From patient access solutions, to revenue cycle management solutions like coding, insurance verification and billing support, to insurance services like claims routing and policy enrollment, we have the workforce support you need.

COVID-19 Scheduling

With the demand for public vaccination increasing daily, the impact to all healthcare providers – whether a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, or physician – is daunting and stretching resources beyond capacity. T2 Flex is well-positioned to support the need of scheduling impending COVID-19 pre-testing and vaccinations. Our knowledgeable, on-shore associates are quickly and easily integrated into your systems and processes to ensure better patient access.

Why T2 Flex

T2 Flex uses an innovative performance management platform that delivers real-time insights to patient scheduling services, including the ability to optimize workflows, gauge patient satisfaction and ensure HIPAA compliance. We can support local and national efforts for scheduling with a flexible approach to serve your needs.

  • Get rapid relief to meet surge demand and facilitate more appointments
  • Ensure interactions are handled with associates that are experienced and friendly
  • Immediately address your scheduling woes and enable positive patient experiences

Vaccine & Testing Scheduling Stretching You Beyond Capacity?

We are currently serving leading healthcare organizations and have worked on statewide COVID call center services campaigns, and want to be your partner in offloading any scheduling support needs for critical testing or vaccinations. We have the proven capabilities to bring real value to your organization with our highly effective people, processes, and technology.

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Having the right support to handle patient scheduling, input medical codes, process insurance billing, deliver lab results, and more is imperative to the smooth operation of a healthcare facility and its ROI.

Often, the medical support staff is unable to consistently process calls while attending to their core duties of interacting with patients and handling their administrative responsibilities. Patients and physicians have high expectations when it comes to service – and scheduling appointments is not an exception.

T2 draws on over a decade of experience in supporting end-to-end patient access for renowned healthcare organizations that serve over 4.3 million patients.

We understand the remote work environment intimately as well as dealing with complex EMR systems. Additionally, our teams have an extensive understanding of how best to follow up with scheduling multiple appointments per patient, ensuring their attendance.

Our associates can immediately help manage:

Patient Access Services

  • Scheduling
    • COVID-19 testing and vaccinations
    • Inbound/outbound primary care
    • Specialty care
    • Imaging (mammography to MRI)
    • Surgery
  • Prescribed order verification and validation
  • Intake to insurance eligibility verification
  • Pre-authorization confirmation
  • Prescribed order resolution
  • Patient confirmation of appointment

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Medical coding – NCCI Compliant
    • Inpatient/outpatient – physical medicine and mental health
    • CPT-ICD-10-DM, DSM-V, and ICD-10-PCS
  • Denials management
  • Insurance verification
  • Benefits verification
  • Chart review/audits

As our healthcare system rises to the challenge of protecting its citizens, T2 Flex uniquely positioned to manage the volume of patients seeking appointments for upcoming vaccinations and care.

T2 Flex agents pride themselves on a patient-centric mantra with an emphasis on empathy to ensure that all patient needs and concerns are met during a time of uncertainty. This methodology and our evolving training program sets the tone for operators and assures patient concerns are addressed, including privacy. Through our innovative platform, we are more than operationally equipped to scale without compromising on quality assurance.

Real-time dashboards help us understand how our remote agents are performing, the ability to optimize workflows, gauge patient satisfaction, and ensure HIPAA compliance.

Our team has already proven successful in meeting the surging demand by managing thousands of calls to schedule more than 7,000 COVID-19 testing appointments per day during the first critical influx periods.

  • 1M+

    Calls Handled in 2020

  • 270,000

    Patient Appointments in 2020

  • 12,000

    Providers Supported

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